Friday, February 15, 2013

The Oscars - I Will Have Seen 'Em All

I will have seen 'em all!  Really.  At least all the big ones.  When I go to "The Really Big Surprise," or whatever that tsunami movie is, I will have seem every nominee for:

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best Actor
    Best Actress
    Best Supporting Actress
   Best Supporting Actor
   AND for these the only one I have not seen is Moonrise Kingdom

   Best Original Screenplay
   Best Adapted Screenplay
Looking through the rest, I have seen only one foreign language film (Amour) and no documentary
short or not, and nothing short, live or dead. Of the remaining categories I have NOT seen Anna Karinina, Hitchcock or Mirror, Mirror.

This is mazing.  I will go into February 24th more prepared than ever.  So why waste my vast uneducated cinema experience on just me.  I think you need to know what I think will win, should win and should never have been made.  Stay tuned!

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