Sunday, February 24, 2013


So here they all are.  My predictions for SHOULD WIN, COULD WIN, and WILL WIN are color coded as noted.

AND Now as the show begins I will  highlight the winners...  Stay with me!

     Best Picture

    Best Director

    Best Actor
    Best Actress
    Best Supporting Actress
   Best Supporting Actor

   Best Original Screenplay
   Best Adapted Screenplay
Cinematography -                  Life of Pi
Visual Effects -                      Life of Pi
Costumes -                            Anna Karinina
Make Up -                             Les Miserábles 
Documentary Feature -         Searching for Sugar Man.
Foriegn Language Film -      Amour
Sound Mixing -                     Les Miserábles
Sound Editing -                     Zero Dark Thirty
Editing -                                Argo
 Production Design -             Lincoln
Best Musical Score -             Life of Pi
Best Original Song -             Skyfall

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