Sunday, February 24, 2013

OSCAR Red Carpet Live Blog

Oscar 2013

1:53  PM

Not even 2 PM and E! has the red carpet countdown.  SHOES! ... and Kyle is off buying snacks.  Jimmy Chu was mentioned.  Christmas Eve 2011 at the cathedral in Atlanta, Kyle spotted Jimmy Choo shoes.  Seriously?  You can llok at shoe and know?  That's Kyle!


Boob tricks.  The side boobs held in place by double sided tape... and specially designed boob stickers.  TMI.  (FYI: Google search for "side boob" yields some really tasteless stuff.)

 Listening to Adele, who will perform tonight AND win an Oscar for "Skyfall."

BARBRA!  Tonight for the first time since 1977 Barbra Streisand will sing onstage. According to Perez Hilton (Eeewwww, I looked at that page) she will sing, Memories.  Don't you mean "The Way We Were?" Wow.  I hope she has updated her fashion choice.


Sissy + archery = Arrowtini.  Seriously.


Life of Pi trained tiger demo.  Almost went bad.  What fun! ?


E!'s filling until 5:30 when their official red carpet ... some interesting flashbacks to previous risk that paid off.  My favorite, Halle Berry in Ellie Saab (2002)

Kyle is all about Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture

George Papadalapolous (or something like) that picked Michelle Williams in 2006 wear a yellow/saffron vintage inspired dress by Vera Wang.

Now my best friend and I settle in for the red carpet...

Now onto part 2.

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