Thursday, February 21, 2013

The AFER Brief for SCOTUS on Marriage Equality

This morning/afternoon I have spent several hours digging into Facebook "Communities" and sharing some ideas about how my Church can more effectively use social media.  I have a few more tasks to complete, including a prediction of the Oscar best director for this blog and then it's time for some serious reading.

The American Foundation for Equal rights has filed it's brief with the Supreme Court of the United States regarding two cases on marriage equality.  The document can be read/downloaded here.

The arguments will be heard March 26 and 27 and decisions are expected in June.  One case challenges the consitutionality of DOMA the other of Proposition 8.  I urge all to read this 63 page document.  I will post some highlights, but it's really a short read for such an important insight into history.

Please support AFER as well.  This group brought together a conservative lawyer, Theodore Olson and Liberal leaning David Boies.  They opposed each other in Bush v. Gore which held that George W. Bush was legally elected as President of the United States.  This "team of rivals" found common ground on the idea that marriage is a right that should not be denied anyone.  They founded AFER with Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter for Milk, Kristina Schake, now special assistant to Michelle Obama, Rob Reiner, Director, and Chad Griffin, now President of HRC, among others.

National opinion polls all show Americans favoring marriage equality, some as high as 70%.

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