Monday, March 30, 2015

Indiana's Religious Freedom Law - A Neutral Analysis

The legislation that Governor Pence signed into law has thrown the liberal and conservative pundits into a tizzy. It will be no surprise that I believe that law opens the door for discrimination against LGBT people.  In addition the potential for LGBT people to be denied public services or accommodations.

I still wanted to look at the language.  It is imbedded in the legal analysis by Matt Anderson a lawyer in South Bend.  Worth a read! Click Here

Another document to review is this letter form Columbia University signed by many lawyers in Indiana.

On visceral level, watching Gov. Pence refuse to answer George Stephanopolis' direct questions reveals the intent of the law.  "Should it be legal to discriminate against LGBT people?" asked Stephanopoulis. "Come on George" responds Pence.  Clearly "no" should have been his response.