Monday, August 29, 2011

Mid-America Iris Purchases

I treated myself to three 2011 Introducions from Mid America.

Action Packed (TB)
2011, Black

'Action Packed' Sdlg. O177C 36" (91cm) , Midseason-Late

Hybridizer's Comment: Zip, zing, zowie, it’s an Action Packed spectacle that is sure to get you excited. Buff standards are increasingly webbed with wine veins moving from centers toward margins. A nest of showy white veins surrounds orange gold beards on plush purple black falls. Wine and gold striped styles provide that extra punch needed to get your attention. Three branches with 8-9 buds produced by vigorous, clean plants keeps the excitement going. 'Magic Masquerade' X (('Sensual Elegance' x 'Romantic Evening') x 'Snowed In')Mid America Garden 2011

Frontline (TB)

2011, Paul Black

TB , 40" (102cm) , Midseason-Very Late
Frontline takes the reverse blue amoena pattern and adds an exciting new dimension. Instead of solid blue standards, they blend from dark violet blue to icy white with centers heavily veined dark violet blue. They are a pleasing and different contrast to very wide and ruffled near white falls. Subdued tangerine to white beards don’t draw the eye away from the dramatic standards’ pattern. Strong show stalks have 3 branches plus spur and about seven buds. Growth is strong and healthy.
Sdlg. O141A: Gothic Romance X (Cameo Appearance sib x (Lotus Land x Intimidator))

I'm on Fire (IB)
2011, Thomas Johnson


IB , 25 (63cm) , Midseason
Put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from this brilliantly colored jewel. Standards are bright coppery orange with styles a few shades darker. Vibrant rusty orange falls are set afire by screamingly bright orange red beards. Form that is sometimes a bit quirky adds to its allure and distinctiveness. You’ll see this one from across the garden.
Sdlg. TA113B: Yahtzee X Decadence

While I was raising my total to qualify for 2 bonus selections I also ordered

2004, Blyth

'Decadence' (Barry Blyth, R. 2001). Seedling H83-G. TB, height 38" (96 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards creamy apricot, faint rose midrib flush; style arms creamy apricot; falls light plum burgundy, 1/4" creamy apricot edge; beards tangerine; heavily ruffled and laced. 'Temple of Time' X 'Louisa's Song', Keppel, Tempo Two 2004, 2004/05.Honorable Mention 2006, Award of Merit 2008, Wister Medal, 2010.

Dracula's Kiss
2009, Schreiners

This floral wonder is our entry into the exciting new color class of red bearded dark Iris. Its dusky prune purple standards darken to black purple in the falls. The most outstanding feature is the caterpillar-like bright tangerine beards. These have been inherited undoubtedly from its pollen parent, Local Color. In addition Dracula's Kiss consistently produces 9-12 buds per stalk on a four-branched stem. Seedling # PP 602-A.

Conjuring Cat
2005, Black

'Conjuring Cat' (Paul Black, registered 2005). Seedling J445D . TB, height 44" (112 cm), mid season bloom. Standards warm white, narrow peach-gold band, medium peach at base, green gold veining up midrib; style arms warm white, medium peach fringing on crest; falls warm white, medium violet heavily lined and washed wedge-shaped central area extending from beard to petal edge, buff center line, yellow peach hafts, narrow peach band around lower half; beards bright orange; ruffled, lightly laced; pronounced spicy fragrance. 'Notorious' X 'Blush of Color'. Mid-America 2005.

Can't wait to post the bonuses when they arrive!

Pleasant Valley 2nd order

Email marketing works on me. Pleasant Valley sent me a special sale promotion and I could not resist.

In 2009 I ordered an end of year special from them. Maybe they will repeat it this year. 20 named irises for $40, I think. In the meantime here's what I ordered that I expect to arrive any day.

'Electric Shock'

1996, Messick

'Electric Shock' (Virginia Messick, registered 1995). Seedling M87-37. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards white, washed dark blue; falls white, washed blue; beards dark blue; ruffled; sweet fragrance. Olympiad X Cosmic Dance. Messick 1996.


1999, Ghio

'Idol' (Joseph Ghio, registered 1998) Seedling 93-2G2. TB, height 38" (97 cm), early, mid, late season bloom. Standards golden apricot orange; falls solid claret red; beards red. 'Chinese New Year' X 'Romantic Evening'. Bay View 1999. Honorable Mention in 2001, Award of Merit in 2003.


1986, Ghio

'Liaison' ( Joseph Ghio, R. 1986). Sdlg. 81-36V. TB, 36" (91 cm), M. S. pink with peach midrib; F. deep velvety purple, pronounced 1/8" pink band; orange beard; lightly ruffled. 'Ringo' X 'Magic Man'. Maryott's Gardens 1986.


1987, Byers

'Lurid' ( Monty Byers, R. 1986). Sdlg. C86-3. TB, 36" (91 cm), M-L. Lightly ruffled white; red orange beard, long horns. A-3-1: ('Startler' x 'Sky Hooks)' X 'Heaven Helped'. Moonshine Gardens 1987.

'Terre De Feu'

1997, Cayeux

'Terre De Feu' (Richard Cayeux, registered 1997) Seedling 89131 A. TB, height 33" (85 cm), early to mid season bloom. Standards bright copper red; falls copper red, large metallic violet heart; beards bronze. Supreme Sultan X Gold Galore. Cayeux 1997.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2nd Trip to Borglum plus

The second visit to Borglum's was well after bloom season. Most of the Daylilies were also done, but I got a beutiful clump of "Shock Wave," a brilliant solid orange.

The primary reason for the trip was to get some more solid stock in preparing for my shipment to David Cupps. The Dykes Medal collection is getting more complete. I had Silverado and Dusky Challenger from David, but one did not survive las winter and the other was not very vigorous. I asked Dana about Starwoman. "That one the Dykes Medal? It's an intermediate or smaller. I think I have a clump and I break you off a few." Indeed it is intermediate an winning the Dykes was an accomplishment. I can't wait to see it and David got a rhizome.

I have included "Vision in Pink" from my first Borglum visit and Italian Velvet a bonus from Schreiner's.

Yaquina Blue
1992, Schreiner

'Yaquina Blue' (Schreiners , registered 1992). Seedling W18-2. TB, height 37" (94 cm), mid season bloomer. Ruffled medium blue (RHS 96B); beards yellow, tipped white. N59-A: (J78-3: (('Cup Race' x 'Tufted Cloud') x 'Sailor's Dance') x I 38-A: ('Sapphire Hills' x ('Parisian Blue' x (('Blue Linen' sibling x (J 274-A x 'Violet Harmony')) x ('Swan Ballet' x 'Snowy Heron'))))) X L 100-A: (I 144-G: ((((('Black Onyx' x N 371-1) x 'Grand Ball') x ('Sterling Silver' x ((('Pierre Menard' x ('Blue Rhythm' x 'Chivalry')) x 'Harbor Blue') x ('Blue Sapphire' x 'Harbor Blue')))) x unknown) x 'Neptune's Pool') x G 119-H, 'Royal Regency' sibling). Schreiner 1992. American Dykes Memorial Medal 2001 .

1987, Schreiner
'Silverado' (Schreiner, R. 1986). Seedling S92-D. TB, height 38" (97 cm), Mid bloom season. Ruffled butterfly blue (HCC 645/3); self beard. K 440-5: ('Starina' x 'Navy Strut') X 'Carriage Trade'. Schreiner 1987. American Dykes Medal, 1994

Dusky Challeneger
1986, Schreiner
'Dusky Challenger' (Schreiner, R. 1986). Sdlg. 1983-AA. TB, height 39" (99 cm), Mid to late bloom season. Ruffled silky rich purple; deep violet black beard. Unknown parentage. Schreiner 1986. American Dykes Medal 1992.

Gypsy Romance
1994, Schreiner
'Gypsy Romance' (Schreiner, R. 1994). Sdlg. W 603-1. TB, 37" (94 cm), Medium Late Bloomer.
Ruffled violet raspberry (RHS 77A), hafts washed bronze; beards blue purple. R 720-D: ('Louisiana Lace' x 'Entourage') X T 879-B: (L556-1: (G 510-A x 'Fabulous Frills') x 'Starcrest'). Schreiner 1994.

Poem of Ecstacy
1997, Hager
'Poem of Ecstasy' (Ben Hager, registered 1995). Seedling T5431Pk /DpLv. TB, height 36" (91 cm), mid season bloomer. Standards clear peach pink; falls smooth deep lavender; beards soft tangerine; fluted, ruffled. T4235CrPk /Lv: (Merry Madrigal x Mother Earth) X Adventuress. Cooley 1997.

1998, Smith
‘Starwoman' (Marky Smith, R. 1997). Seedling 90-26E. IB, height 25" (64 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards blackish royal purple (blacker than RHS 86A), faint lavender grey marks at deep purple midrib; style arms strong mauve violet, edges greyer; falls pearl (lighter than 156D) ground, 1/2" (1.1 cm) darkest black violet (darker than 86A) rim and center stripe, dark violet dashing and stitching within rim; beards blue violet at end, gold-tipped blue violet central area, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. ‘Chubby Cheeks' X Keppel 83-8A: (‘Snowbrook' x sibling). Honorable Mention 2001, Award of Merit 2003, Sass Medal 2005, American Dykes Memorial Medal , 2008 . Aitken's 1998.

Vision in Pink
1987, Wood
'Vision In Pink' ( V. Wood, R. 1986). Sdlg. 83-28. TB, 34" (87 cm), M. Pink; tangerine beard; slight fragrance. 79-16: (('Flaming Arrow' x Gaulter 71-30) x 'Carved Angel') X 'Paradise'. Corlew 1987.

Italian Velvet
2006, Keppel
'Italian Velvet' (Keith Keppel, registered 2005). Seedling 99-157D. TB, height 36" (91 cm), mid season bloom. Standards wisteria violet (M&P 41-F-8), midrib flushed peach buff (2-B-8), inside base patterned port (56-E-12); style arms capucine orange (9-I-8) edge, lavender midrib, crests wisteria violet, red brown edge; falls blacker than port wine (56-J-12), velvety; beards white lightly tipped brazil brown (8-L-8) to henna (6-J-12) tips in throat. 95-97E, 'Quandary' sibling, X 'Crazy For You'. Keppel 2006.

New Acquisitions from David Cupps

Heart of Glass

T.Johnson 07; Heavily ruffled and laced flowers have clear medium pink standards with no peach or coral tones. Styles are darker coral pink. White falls have greenish texture veins over their centers with hafts and diffuse bands of clear medium pink. Beards have white bases overlaid soft tangerine. A totally lovely and feminine creation with well branched show stalks to properly display these beauties.

Thanks to David for sharing some beauties from the Bluegrass Iris Society sale...

Guilt Free Sample
Black 07; Feel no guilt when you pick some of these pretty flowers to bring inside. With strong growth, super branched stalks and buds, there'll be plenty more to enjoy in the garden. Lacy light peach styles peer from between lacy baby ribbon pink standards. Hafts of the lacy milk-white falls are blushed peach and topped with bright red-orange beards. Winning numerous awards including 'Best Pink' at 2010 Firenze Italy International Iris Competition.

Frisk Frolic
Black 08; The sun’s bright and the day cheery; it’s time for a Frisky Frolic. Generously ruffled, petite flowers are pinkish mauve. Horizontally flared falls are sanded overall red-purple and standards have a fine network of darker texture veins and muted buff bands. Styles are coral-peach. Bright red-orange beards add to the fun.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Iris Acquisitions, round 2

The second delivery of irises came from Pleasant Valley Iris Farm. I ordered from them in 2009 and was very pleased that all the rhizomes were healthy and true to name. Their prices are also reasonable.

Here are online photos of what arrived. Everything seems to be establishing itself well.

Kiss the Dawn
1994, Kerr

'Kiss The Dawn' (Frederick Kerr, R. 1994) Sdlg. 89-03-02. TB, 35" (89 cm), M. S. pinkish red violet; F. peach pink, veined darker, with distinct pinkish red violet edge; beards red orange; ruffled, lightly laced; slight fragrance. 'Feminine Wiles' X 'Prom Night'. Rainbow Acres 1994.

Kinkajou Shrew
2000, Kasperek

'Kinkajou Shrew' (Brad Kasperek, registered 1999). Seedling 94B-18A. TB, height 38" (97 cm), early to mid season bloomer. Standards red purple (RHS 72B), white streaking with occasional red purple dot; falls darker beetroot purple (71A), white streaking, light golden yellow hafts; beards cadmium orange, large; ruffled; pronounced fragrance. 'Gnus Flash' X 'Footloose'. Zebra 2000.

Lace Legacy
1992, Greenwood by Aitken

'Lace Legacy' (Doris Greenwood by J. T. Aitken, registered 1992). Seedling G83A -1. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Medium bloom season. Heavily laced light apricot orange, paling to white around bright orange beards; slight fragrance. Parentage unknown. Aitken's Salmon Creek 1992

Mother Earth (I had this, but it is so lovely I wanted to start a fresh grouping)
1988, Hager

'Mother Earth' ( Ben Hager, R. 1987). Sdlg. T3703RfBi . TB, 37" (94 cm), EM. S. oyster cream, tinted lavender near edge and beige through center; F. lavender, paler around beard, beige on hafts; pale blue white beard. 'Scenario' X 'Pleasure Dome'. Melrose Gardens 1988.

1988, Keppel

'Rustler' (Keith Keppel, R. 1987). Sdlg. 81-95B. TB, 37" (94 cm), M. S. antique gold (M&P 12-L-8) flushed faded rose (5-KI-9); F. henna (6-J-12), paling to antique gold at margin; florida gold (10-L-8) beard tipped chrome orange (10-K-2); slight sweet fragrance. 'Laredo' X 'Dazzling Gold'. Keppel 1988.

America's Cup
Hybridized by McWhirter; Year of Registration or Introduction: 1988

1989, Byers

'Conjuration' (Monty Byers, registered 1988). Seedling D1-1. TB, height 36" (91 cm), mid to late bloom season. Standards white, edge lightly infused pale violet blue; falls white, suffusing to deep bright amethyst violet edge; white beard tipped tangerine; fuzzy white horns; ruffled. B-37-10: ('Sky Hooks' x 'Condottiere') X 'Alpine Castle'. Moonshine Gardens 1989. American Dykes Memorial Medal 1998

Golden Panther
2000, Tasco

'Golden Panther' (Richard Tasco, R. 2000). Seedling 94-30-30. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Mid bloom season. Gold overlaid bronze, highlighted darker bronze at edges; style arms bronze gold, edges lighter lemon yellow; beards bright golden orange; heavily ruffled. 'Guadalajara' X 90-02-03: ('Marsh Light' x 'Dazzling Gold'). Superstition 2000. American Dykes Memorial Medal, 2009

Edith Wolford
1986, Hager

'Edith Wolford' (Ben Hager, R. 1984). Seedling T3917RfY /Bl. TB, height 40" (102 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards clear canary yellow; falls mid-blue violet; blue beard tipped orange; ruffled. 'Merry Madrigal' X 'Freedom Road'. Melrose Gardens 1986. American Dykes Medal 1993.

Snowed In (a free bonus)
1999, Ghio

'Snowed In'(Joseph Ghio, R. 1998). Sdlg. 93-90L3. TB, 34" (86 cm), EML. S. light blue, thin tan edge; F. violet black, white sunburst pattern around red beard. 88-180P: ('Notorious' x (('Success Story' x ('Fancy Tales' x 'Alpine Castle')) x (('Persian Smoke' x 'Entourage') x (('Strawberry Sundae' x ('Artiste' x 'Tupelo Honey')) x 'Borderline' sib)))) X'Romantic Evening'. Bay View 1999.

Gay Male Athlete Allies

I'm no jock. Never was. I enjoy baseball and learned to watch tennis with my ex and college football with my husband.

Sports, especially team sports and contact sports have been bastions of macho homophobia. Thanks to a new generation and some courageous allies, the world is becoming a better place for jocks and all of us.

Ben Cohen
, Hudson Taylor, Michael Irvin, Mike Chabala, and Nick Youngquest open up about homophobia in the sports world and what role they can play as loud and proud allies.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First New Acquisitions of 2011

The first new irises in my garden for 2011 came from Borglum's. My annual trip there included 5 clumps. At $7.50 a clump these are a quick way to fill up the garden and share with friends. Take a plastic bag, a shovel and have at it...

Vision in Pink, Let's Boogie, Kevin's Theme. Jurassic Park and Copper Classic came home with me.

"Let's Boogie" at Borglum's
1997, Schreiner

'Let's Boogie' (Schreiner, R. 1997). Seedling BB 1814-A. TB, 37" (94 cm), Early thru mid bloom season. Standards and style arms creamy peach (RHS 193); falls beetroot purple (71A), 1/8" cream white mid-stripe; beards tangerine. Sweeter Than Wine X V 248-A: (Latin Lady x (Craig #41, unknown, x Breaking Dawn)). Schreiner 1997.

"Kevin's Theme" arrives in Mendon
1993, Kerr

'Kevin's Theme' (Frederick Kerr, R. 1993) Sdlg. 88-17-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML. S. ivory yellow with blue violet center flush; F. blue violet, lightening to white around beard; beards yellow, tipped blue violet; ruffled; slight musky fragrance. 'Edith Wolford' X 'Lullaby of Spring'.

"Jurassic Park" in the bag
1995, Lauer

'Jurassic Park' (Larry Lauer, R. 1995). Seedling 89-7-2. TB, 36" (91 cm), Early thru mid bloom season. Standards and style arms canary yellow; falls blended lavender blue purple, yellow veining and edging; beards yellow, tipped blue purple; slight sweet fragrance. 'Best Bet' X 87-29: ('Edith Wolford' x Denney 81-5-1: (('Regents' Row' sibling x 'Winterscape') x 'Midnight Love Affair')). Stockton 1995.

A clump of "Jurassic Park" planted in Mendon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iris Racaps begin as the "Season of the Borer" ends.

It's been a long summer in the garden and I have not really updated this blog in a while.

The iris blooms in June were wonderful! As were the daylilies in July and some are still blooming...

August, however brought about the heartbreak of iris borers.

I thought the foliage was not looking so great but when I started cleaning up I discovered that, for the first time to my knowledge, the borers had invaded.

The war is now over for this season. Because of the advanced stage of development, no insecticide could be used. The only thing to do was to dig up every rhizome, discard the worst, wash them, put them in a 10% bleach bath for an hour, rinse them, dry them and replant them.

Given my collection of more than 50 cultivars and 5 to 10 rhizomes of most, that was a task. I had to label each and keep them separated. Splitting them and making room for new acquisitions also meant having to dig 4 new beds.

The good news is that many seem to be showing new growth and now I know what I need to do next year!

It's my plan to recount the season on this blog and record the new plantings. Earlier this year we had an iris bloom party and my good friend Andy Smith too some stunning photos. I posted then in Andy Smith Photos, part 1 and part 2. I will discuss all cultivars as I recap.