Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Acquisitions from David Cupps

Heart of Glass

T.Johnson 07; Heavily ruffled and laced flowers have clear medium pink standards with no peach or coral tones. Styles are darker coral pink. White falls have greenish texture veins over their centers with hafts and diffuse bands of clear medium pink. Beards have white bases overlaid soft tangerine. A totally lovely and feminine creation with well branched show stalks to properly display these beauties.

Thanks to David for sharing some beauties from the Bluegrass Iris Society sale...

Guilt Free Sample
Black 07; Feel no guilt when you pick some of these pretty flowers to bring inside. With strong growth, super branched stalks and buds, there'll be plenty more to enjoy in the garden. Lacy light peach styles peer from between lacy baby ribbon pink standards. Hafts of the lacy milk-white falls are blushed peach and topped with bright red-orange beards. Winning numerous awards including 'Best Pink' at 2010 Firenze Italy International Iris Competition.

Frisk Frolic
Black 08; The sun’s bright and the day cheery; it’s time for a Frisky Frolic. Generously ruffled, petite flowers are pinkish mauve. Horizontally flared falls are sanded overall red-purple and standards have a fine network of darker texture veins and muted buff bands. Styles are coral-peach. Bright red-orange beards add to the fun.

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