Monday, August 29, 2011

Pleasant Valley 2nd order

Email marketing works on me. Pleasant Valley sent me a special sale promotion and I could not resist.

In 2009 I ordered an end of year special from them. Maybe they will repeat it this year. 20 named irises for $40, I think. In the meantime here's what I ordered that I expect to arrive any day.

'Electric Shock'

1996, Messick

'Electric Shock' (Virginia Messick, registered 1995). Seedling M87-37. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards white, washed dark blue; falls white, washed blue; beards dark blue; ruffled; sweet fragrance. Olympiad X Cosmic Dance. Messick 1996.


1999, Ghio

'Idol' (Joseph Ghio, registered 1998) Seedling 93-2G2. TB, height 38" (97 cm), early, mid, late season bloom. Standards golden apricot orange; falls solid claret red; beards red. 'Chinese New Year' X 'Romantic Evening'. Bay View 1999. Honorable Mention in 2001, Award of Merit in 2003.


1986, Ghio

'Liaison' ( Joseph Ghio, R. 1986). Sdlg. 81-36V. TB, 36" (91 cm), M. S. pink with peach midrib; F. deep velvety purple, pronounced 1/8" pink band; orange beard; lightly ruffled. 'Ringo' X 'Magic Man'. Maryott's Gardens 1986.


1987, Byers

'Lurid' ( Monty Byers, R. 1986). Sdlg. C86-3. TB, 36" (91 cm), M-L. Lightly ruffled white; red orange beard, long horns. A-3-1: ('Startler' x 'Sky Hooks)' X 'Heaven Helped'. Moonshine Gardens 1987.

'Terre De Feu'

1997, Cayeux

'Terre De Feu' (Richard Cayeux, registered 1997) Seedling 89131 A. TB, height 33" (85 cm), early to mid season bloom. Standards bright copper red; falls copper red, large metallic violet heart; beards bronze. Supreme Sultan X Gold Galore. Cayeux 1997.

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