Monday, August 29, 2011

Mid-America Iris Purchases

I treated myself to three 2011 Introducions from Mid America.

Action Packed (TB)
2011, Black

'Action Packed' Sdlg. O177C 36" (91cm) , Midseason-Late

Hybridizer's Comment: Zip, zing, zowie, it’s an Action Packed spectacle that is sure to get you excited. Buff standards are increasingly webbed with wine veins moving from centers toward margins. A nest of showy white veins surrounds orange gold beards on plush purple black falls. Wine and gold striped styles provide that extra punch needed to get your attention. Three branches with 8-9 buds produced by vigorous, clean plants keeps the excitement going. 'Magic Masquerade' X (('Sensual Elegance' x 'Romantic Evening') x 'Snowed In')Mid America Garden 2011

Frontline (TB)

2011, Paul Black

TB , 40" (102cm) , Midseason-Very Late
Frontline takes the reverse blue amoena pattern and adds an exciting new dimension. Instead of solid blue standards, they blend from dark violet blue to icy white with centers heavily veined dark violet blue. They are a pleasing and different contrast to very wide and ruffled near white falls. Subdued tangerine to white beards don’t draw the eye away from the dramatic standards’ pattern. Strong show stalks have 3 branches plus spur and about seven buds. Growth is strong and healthy.
Sdlg. O141A: Gothic Romance X (Cameo Appearance sib x (Lotus Land x Intimidator))

I'm on Fire (IB)
2011, Thomas Johnson


IB , 25 (63cm) , Midseason
Put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from this brilliantly colored jewel. Standards are bright coppery orange with styles a few shades darker. Vibrant rusty orange falls are set afire by screamingly bright orange red beards. Form that is sometimes a bit quirky adds to its allure and distinctiveness. You’ll see this one from across the garden.
Sdlg. TA113B: Yahtzee X Decadence

While I was raising my total to qualify for 2 bonus selections I also ordered

2004, Blyth

'Decadence' (Barry Blyth, R. 2001). Seedling H83-G. TB, height 38" (96 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards creamy apricot, faint rose midrib flush; style arms creamy apricot; falls light plum burgundy, 1/4" creamy apricot edge; beards tangerine; heavily ruffled and laced. 'Temple of Time' X 'Louisa's Song', Keppel, Tempo Two 2004, 2004/05.Honorable Mention 2006, Award of Merit 2008, Wister Medal, 2010.

Dracula's Kiss
2009, Schreiners

This floral wonder is our entry into the exciting new color class of red bearded dark Iris. Its dusky prune purple standards darken to black purple in the falls. The most outstanding feature is the caterpillar-like bright tangerine beards. These have been inherited undoubtedly from its pollen parent, Local Color. In addition Dracula's Kiss consistently produces 9-12 buds per stalk on a four-branched stem. Seedling # PP 602-A.

Conjuring Cat
2005, Black

'Conjuring Cat' (Paul Black, registered 2005). Seedling J445D . TB, height 44" (112 cm), mid season bloom. Standards warm white, narrow peach-gold band, medium peach at base, green gold veining up midrib; style arms warm white, medium peach fringing on crest; falls warm white, medium violet heavily lined and washed wedge-shaped central area extending from beard to petal edge, buff center line, yellow peach hafts, narrow peach band around lower half; beards bright orange; ruffled, lightly laced; pronounced spicy fragrance. 'Notorious' X 'Blush of Color'. Mid-America 2005.

Can't wait to post the bonuses when they arrive!

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