Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Winder

Christmas is winding down in Winder.

Yesterday Mike and Laurie, Jessie and Russell with baby Laura Kate arrived at Freta's for Christmas day dinner.

On Christmas Eve, Kyle & I went to Midnight Mass at the Cathedral Church of St. Phillip.

Today Pam & Jeff came back from southern GA. They joined Elaine, Freta, Kyle and me for dinner.

And the snow is still on the ground.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why we elected the wrong President

Why we elected the wrong President

What a difference a day makes...

The release of of the "compromise" on "tax cuts" is appalling.

I compromise assumes that both start from a clear position and then meet somewhere in the middle. In no way can anyone feel that the President started anywhere but in the middle and moved 3/4 of the way toward the Republicans. A good compromise leaves both sides equally unhappy. There are no unhappy Republicans. They are already using this concession in their fund-raising literature. The Democrats are all unhappy, and many of them (this one included) are miserable. There is no semblance of Democratic principals of giving a break to the middle class and making the wealthy pay back to society for they way in which they have been blessed.

The term "tax cut" in the context of this discussion is totally erroneous. The tax rates that have been in place for 10 years are being left alone.

To paraphrase Steven Colbert, "As one of the top 2% income earners I look forward to not hiring anyone new in 2011 with the same amount of money I had in 2010."

Earlier this year I got into a tiff with a conservative friend about the "birther"/socialist crap. "I just don't trust Obama," she said.

Today... me neither.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why we elected the right President

Why We Elected the Right President

This morning's hearing on DADT should help people to better understand why we chose the right President of the United States in 2008.

Senator McCain is clearly incapable of seeing beyond his own narrow world view or of thinking outside the box. It is without question that the senator served his country proudly and suffered in Viet Nam. Currently however his an aging, out of touch man. At the outset of hearings, he petulantly objected to a the time that each questioner would have and referred to this a "transcendant issue." Beyond the fact that he has constantly come up with new reasons to ignore a report he promised to observe, his questions show just how like George W Bush he is in looking not for reasons to inform a decision, but reasons to support a decision he has already made.

He is clearly angry about the fact that his concepts of LGBT people are dissolving around him.

Senator McCain's focus on debunking the study is that the direct question was not asked, "Do you favor the repeal of DADT?"

As a military man, his dismissal of the military leader's approach to gathering information is quite surprising. The idea that active duty military be allowed to vote on a question like would be unprecedented. In fairness, the senator admitted that the responses to a direct question should be used as only one factor in the decision.

There is another major problem with the idea of polling troops. Regardless of the guarantees of privacy in response, in an era of DADT how many would respond positively given peer pressure and the fear that they might be labeled gay or gay-loving. Let's not forget the make-up of young enlistees. Most are straight out of high school. (This was tangentially referred to in response to why the response of Marines are more negative than any other branch of the armed forces.) Their life experiences with openly LGBT people are limited as is their education. Their understanding is highly influenced by the "icky" thoughts of gay sex and not an understanding of sexuality.

And the first caller on C-SPAN demonstrated why a vote on this is a bad idea. He was an active duty soldier at Fort Drum. He didn't want his children serving with people who were "abnormal." I wonder if he knew our "abnormal" friend when he was serving at Fort Drum?

Watching this hearing reminded me that, no matter how well intentioned, Dan Choi and his friends chained themselves to the wrong fence when they chose the one surrounding the White House. The President has made his support of repealing DADT clear. It is the Senate that is unable to function democratically, that is using tricks of Parliamentary Procedure to block the opinion of a majority. Perhaps chaining themselves to the doors of the Senate chamber would have been more appropriate, if not more effective.

I have been frustrated with President Obama's ability to move things faster. I wish he would point out in this debate that the majority of the citizens of the United States of America voted for Barack Obama directly in opposition to John McCain.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Voted For It....

You Voted For It....

You got it.

The GOP vows to block everything until they get their way... and they're not even in control yet.

Meanwhile at the AFA...

Today's email from the AFA (American Family Association).
Lame Duck Congress to push through a repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Call your senators today: Vote "No" on the repeal. The stakes could not be higher.
Really? The stakes could not be higher? Really? There's nothing like hyperbole to reveal desperation.

How about refusing to extend unemployment benefits to people who are about to enter the holidays without money for food? How about the fact that almost every reputable economist says that the extension of benefits will help the economy to boot.

DADT repeal is a no-brainer for everyone but "white evangelicals.

Really AFA, get a grip.