Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Evolution in Georgia

Sunday I went to church in Winder at St. Anthony's Episcopal Church. A very small turn out. The homily on John's "Christmas" gospel was very nice. Seems someone in Winder thinks that perhaps Evolution and Christianity are compatible. Not a popular view, but one worth promoting to those who might be thinking that the every Christian is living in the 14th century or headed for it...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kyle Monday Update

The patient is having visitors and watching the game at his parents' home today. Swelling is down. No pictures are allowed.... sorry.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kyle and the Ankle

So here's the story now that I am on a network that lets me type more than 10 letters per minute.

Kyle twisted his ankle at the Spencer house in Dunwoody on Wednesday night. He struggled through Christmas eve and we went to St. Bart's for midnight mass. It was swollen but he was determined and he had some vicodin from a toothache left over.

Christmas Day it was more swollen, but we still assumed a bad sprain since he could stand on it.

By the evening after the family dinner in Winder it became apparent that we had to get help. Neither of us had our insurance cards... but with the help of David Gandell and many call to BC/BS we got a number and a location for urgent care. Saturday morning we went. It took a while but it was the day after Christmas and everyone was wonderful and patient.

He was inside for an hour and emerged... "It's not what we thought and pretty bad," he said.

Seems he has a very bad case of arthritis. There was no sprain, but the aggravation lead to nastiness that was the beginnings of cellulitis. Bottom line: Doctor said. "Lucky you got here today." He put him on Keflex and said if the swelling does not go down or gets any worse in the next 24 hours, he would be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. For the the full course of the antibiotics he must stay on his back with the foot elevated.

Now he's slung up it his dad's study, I am with Koda back in Dunwoody.

The swelling is going down. He's under strict orders not to get up though. We are thanking our respective deities and he will see the doctor in Rochester when we return.

Stay tuned for updates. I can be contacted via facebook and IMed at AIM: RochNYguy


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

It has been a blessed year for me. As I prepare for for my annual pilgrimage to St. Bart's in Atlanta for smell and bells and southern belles, male and female, I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a new year that brings you great blessings and during which which you can bless others.

Christmas has become a cliché in our modern lives. It has been turned into a commercial extravaganza, but most disturbingly of late it has become a battle cry for right wing fundamentalist to claim exclusion. They rail that "Merry Christmas" is no longer politically correct.

There are certainly many layers of discrimination to unpack that have been laid upon many for the 2,000 years since Christ's birth.

But can we not pause and recall the birth of a man who brought a very clear message that can be celebrated by people of all faiths? "Love God and your neighbor as yourself," He said. When questioned as to the most important of all the rules previously established in his own Jewish tradition, He said that through these two you can view all the laws and words of the prophets.

Regardless of your faith tradition or theology this simple reduction of our common beliefs are what unite us and through them we can forgive each other the words that have been spoken and deeds that have been done in the name faith to tear us apart.

Let us remember that, nor matter how we have been led astray, no matter how His words have been used to divide, that we were once told that it's not as complicated as we have made it.

This season of joy and throughout the new year, let us remember that which connects us all. Love your neighbor as yourself.



Friday, December 18, 2009

For !00,000 Blessings Campaign

Two pretty lucky guys chat about their marriage and how Integrity and the Episcopal Church have blessed us... and what else needs to happen to lead our church into a place where it can live out it's called.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Silent Monks sing Hallelujah Chorus

UPDATE: This Gay Men's Chorus Classic seems to invaded many a high school chorus.... Alert the AFA!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A moment of the Triumph of Conscience

When I think of the defeat of Marriage Equality in the Senate of the State of New York on December 2, 2009, this will be the video that will bring tears to my eyes and hope to my heart:


A moment of Conscience Overcome

A moment of Conscience Overcome:

The Albany Times Union Capitol Confidential Blog credits the tremor that started the wave of defeat to the the alphabet. Senator Addabbo, a Democrat committed to voting yes, but a freshman Senator, lost his nerve and voted no. A yes vote was then cast by Adams and the next person to vote was Alesi. He is my senator and the first Republican to vote. He was considered a strong possibility to vote with us. With head in hands, he was obviously influenced by Addabbo cave in and saw his political cover disappear. He thought, was called on a second time and voted, "No."

I would like to say that I feel badly for him, but in times of stress a person of strong ethics and conscience will do the right thing not the politically safe thing. We have talked with Senator Alesi enough to know that he did not vote his conscience, he voted out of political expediency and fear.

The irony here is that his seat is incedibly secure. He has not had a credible challenge in my memory. He is a Roman Catholic, but comes from a very progressive diocese. He is well educated and his district is well educated with several very progressive colleges.

If we don't have our integrity, what do we have?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Misery needs company

After a gut wrenching gay of watching my senate in action, I feel like crawling back in bed. I will however join others in town to mourn the defeat of marraige equality. Misery doesn't just love company, it needs it. We cannot bear this alone.


We went to a sizable demo in Rochester, given about 5 hours notice that there would even be a vote.

The more we learn the less we respect the local Senators who all voted against civil rights...

More to come.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A President Speaks

I am not convinced that investing anything more in Afghanistan, shedding one more drop of blood or losing one more life is worth whatever we might achieve.

But I am quite sure that for the first time since I have been alive, I heard a commander-in-chief speak with clarity and maturity to the troops and the nation.

This was no jingoistic, rah-rah presenatation. This was a position clearly presented, and whether or not I believe in the mission, I believe the man. I know that this is an intelligent human being who has listened to all sides, reviewed facts carefully, questioned advisors and made a decision. It is so moving after the last 8 years especially I see some one who is "the decider," not because he says he is but because he acts the part.

He may be wrong. He may not get reelected because he has distanced himself from the left and could do nothing to change the minds of right. He may not get re-elected because he is willing to take a stand that may not be popular but that he believes is right.

I feel somehow more hopeful about the future of this country when this man speaks even when I disagree with what he has to say.