Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

It has been a blessed year for me. As I prepare for for my annual pilgrimage to St. Bart's in Atlanta for smell and bells and southern belles, male and female, I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a new year that brings you great blessings and during which which you can bless others.

Christmas has become a cliché in our modern lives. It has been turned into a commercial extravaganza, but most disturbingly of late it has become a battle cry for right wing fundamentalist to claim exclusion. They rail that "Merry Christmas" is no longer politically correct.

There are certainly many layers of discrimination to unpack that have been laid upon many for the 2,000 years since Christ's birth.

But can we not pause and recall the birth of a man who brought a very clear message that can be celebrated by people of all faiths? "Love God and your neighbor as yourself," He said. When questioned as to the most important of all the rules previously established in his own Jewish tradition, He said that through these two you can view all the laws and words of the prophets.

Regardless of your faith tradition or theology this simple reduction of our common beliefs are what unite us and through them we can forgive each other the words that have been spoken and deeds that have been done in the name faith to tear us apart.

Let us remember that, nor matter how we have been led astray, no matter how His words have been used to divide, that we were once told that it's not as complicated as we have made it.

This season of joy and throughout the new year, let us remember that which connects us all. Love your neighbor as yourself.



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