Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kyle and the Ankle

So here's the story now that I am on a network that lets me type more than 10 letters per minute.

Kyle twisted his ankle at the Spencer house in Dunwoody on Wednesday night. He struggled through Christmas eve and we went to St. Bart's for midnight mass. It was swollen but he was determined and he had some vicodin from a toothache left over.

Christmas Day it was more swollen, but we still assumed a bad sprain since he could stand on it.

By the evening after the family dinner in Winder it became apparent that we had to get help. Neither of us had our insurance cards... but with the help of David Gandell and many call to BC/BS we got a number and a location for urgent care. Saturday morning we went. It took a while but it was the day after Christmas and everyone was wonderful and patient.

He was inside for an hour and emerged... "It's not what we thought and pretty bad," he said.

Seems he has a very bad case of arthritis. There was no sprain, but the aggravation lead to nastiness that was the beginnings of cellulitis. Bottom line: Doctor said. "Lucky you got here today." He put him on Keflex and said if the swelling does not go down or gets any worse in the next 24 hours, he would be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. For the the full course of the antibiotics he must stay on his back with the foot elevated.

Now he's slung up it his dad's study, I am with Koda back in Dunwoody.

The swelling is going down. He's under strict orders not to get up though. We are thanking our respective deities and he will see the doctor in Rochester when we return.

Stay tuned for updates. I can be contacted via facebook and IMed at AIM: RochNYguy


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