Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A President Speaks

I am not convinced that investing anything more in Afghanistan, shedding one more drop of blood or losing one more life is worth whatever we might achieve.

But I am quite sure that for the first time since I have been alive, I heard a commander-in-chief speak with clarity and maturity to the troops and the nation.

This was no jingoistic, rah-rah presenatation. This was a position clearly presented, and whether or not I believe in the mission, I believe the man. I know that this is an intelligent human being who has listened to all sides, reviewed facts carefully, questioned advisors and made a decision. It is so moving after the last 8 years especially I see some one who is "the decider," not because he says he is but because he acts the part.

He may be wrong. He may not get reelected because he has distanced himself from the left and could do nothing to change the minds of right. He may not get re-elected because he is willing to take a stand that may not be popular but that he believes is right.

I feel somehow more hopeful about the future of this country when this man speaks even when I disagree with what he has to say.

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