Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Iris Acquisitions, round 2

The second delivery of irises came from Pleasant Valley Iris Farm. I ordered from them in 2009 and was very pleased that all the rhizomes were healthy and true to name. Their prices are also reasonable.

Here are online photos of what arrived. Everything seems to be establishing itself well.

Kiss the Dawn
1994, Kerr

'Kiss The Dawn' (Frederick Kerr, R. 1994) Sdlg. 89-03-02. TB, 35" (89 cm), M. S. pinkish red violet; F. peach pink, veined darker, with distinct pinkish red violet edge; beards red orange; ruffled, lightly laced; slight fragrance. 'Feminine Wiles' X 'Prom Night'. Rainbow Acres 1994.

Kinkajou Shrew
2000, Kasperek

'Kinkajou Shrew' (Brad Kasperek, registered 1999). Seedling 94B-18A. TB, height 38" (97 cm), early to mid season bloomer. Standards red purple (RHS 72B), white streaking with occasional red purple dot; falls darker beetroot purple (71A), white streaking, light golden yellow hafts; beards cadmium orange, large; ruffled; pronounced fragrance. 'Gnus Flash' X 'Footloose'. Zebra 2000.

Lace Legacy
1992, Greenwood by Aitken

'Lace Legacy' (Doris Greenwood by J. T. Aitken, registered 1992). Seedling G83A -1. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Medium bloom season. Heavily laced light apricot orange, paling to white around bright orange beards; slight fragrance. Parentage unknown. Aitken's Salmon Creek 1992

Mother Earth (I had this, but it is so lovely I wanted to start a fresh grouping)
1988, Hager

'Mother Earth' ( Ben Hager, R. 1987). Sdlg. T3703RfBi . TB, 37" (94 cm), EM. S. oyster cream, tinted lavender near edge and beige through center; F. lavender, paler around beard, beige on hafts; pale blue white beard. 'Scenario' X 'Pleasure Dome'. Melrose Gardens 1988.

1988, Keppel

'Rustler' (Keith Keppel, R. 1987). Sdlg. 81-95B. TB, 37" (94 cm), M. S. antique gold (M&P 12-L-8) flushed faded rose (5-KI-9); F. henna (6-J-12), paling to antique gold at margin; florida gold (10-L-8) beard tipped chrome orange (10-K-2); slight sweet fragrance. 'Laredo' X 'Dazzling Gold'. Keppel 1988.

America's Cup
Hybridized by McWhirter; Year of Registration or Introduction: 1988

1989, Byers

'Conjuration' (Monty Byers, registered 1988). Seedling D1-1. TB, height 36" (91 cm), mid to late bloom season. Standards white, edge lightly infused pale violet blue; falls white, suffusing to deep bright amethyst violet edge; white beard tipped tangerine; fuzzy white horns; ruffled. B-37-10: ('Sky Hooks' x 'Condottiere') X 'Alpine Castle'. Moonshine Gardens 1989. American Dykes Memorial Medal 1998

Golden Panther
2000, Tasco

'Golden Panther' (Richard Tasco, R. 2000). Seedling 94-30-30. TB, height 34" (86 cm), Mid bloom season. Gold overlaid bronze, highlighted darker bronze at edges; style arms bronze gold, edges lighter lemon yellow; beards bright golden orange; heavily ruffled. 'Guadalajara' X 90-02-03: ('Marsh Light' x 'Dazzling Gold'). Superstition 2000. American Dykes Memorial Medal, 2009

Edith Wolford
1986, Hager

'Edith Wolford' (Ben Hager, R. 1984). Seedling T3917RfY /Bl. TB, height 40" (102 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards clear canary yellow; falls mid-blue violet; blue beard tipped orange; ruffled. 'Merry Madrigal' X 'Freedom Road'. Melrose Gardens 1986. American Dykes Medal 1993.

Snowed In (a free bonus)
1999, Ghio

'Snowed In'(Joseph Ghio, R. 1998). Sdlg. 93-90L3. TB, 34" (86 cm), EML. S. light blue, thin tan edge; F. violet black, white sunburst pattern around red beard. 88-180P: ('Notorious' x (('Success Story' x ('Fancy Tales' x 'Alpine Castle')) x (('Persian Smoke' x 'Entourage') x (('Strawberry Sundae' x ('Artiste' x 'Tupelo Honey')) x 'Borderline' sib)))) X'Romantic Evening'. Bay View 1999.

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