Sunday, February 24, 2013

OSCAR Red Carpet (continued)

Anne Hathaway - I have tried and tried to like this dress, but it's all wrong.
It's an apron with all sorts of unneeded and horrible additions.

George Clooney's beard has the stunning dress of the night.

I am in love with Charlize Theron. Perfect.
Sorry, Sally Fields.  I still love you, but that dress is too bright and looks like a Cypress Garden Southern Belle lost her hoops.

Kerry Washington.  Fun. Not red carpet. lose the bow.
Amanda Seyfried - too heavy.  Not her! The dress.... never mind. Just saw it full length.
Melissa McCarthy.. how a full-figured woman SHOULD NOT dress.   Is that grey jersey? Yards a nd yards of it.  

Octavia Spencer.  Beautiful!  A full-figured woman that knows how to work it.
Reese Louis Vuitton.  Black and Blue.  Love it.

Amy Adams.  Not so much.  bad boob fit.
Reese Witherspoon has great hair.

Jessica Chastain.  Monotone that woks.  Looks like a bronze with crystal beading. Fit is perfect. Elegant.
Amani Prive.

I reallllllly, reallllly want Hugh Jackman to win.  If there is only one upset, let it be Wolverine.

6:09 PM
Eddie Redmayne got his hair caught in something.  Still love him.

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