Thursday, May 21, 2009

Washington March builds Momentum - There are bull's horns to grabbed

Cleve Jones, Harvey Milk's intern, is adding his voice to the call for a March on Washington. This is a growing movement fueled by marriage equality creep and Obama inaction and hedging on DADT and other promises:

One of the great pioneers of our movement, David Mixner, has issued a call for a national march on Washington, D.C. this fall. In his call to action, David powerfully articulates the frustration and impatience growing among supporters of LGBT equality throughout the United States.

Jones Over the past six months I have been contacted by many of the emerging new leaders of the grassroots movement created in the wake of Proposition 8, some eager to organize a march on Washington. Up until now, I have discouraged plans for a march, based mostly on my memories of the cost and difficulties of previous marches. I also had high hopes for our new President and the Democratic majority in Congress.


— Have one demand only: “Full Equality Now - full and equal protection under the law for LGBT people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.” Let's stop settling for fractions of equality. Every compromise undermines our humanity. We must declare our equality.

Read the rest at Towleroad.

Now read my husband's blog on this to find out what I fear will STOP it from happening or at least being successful. He points to apathy, he admits to being torn.

I understand all of points ... but, we need to ACT.

We need our leadership (which Kyle refers to as "what LGBT leadership?") to get over themselves and work together. Real leadership is not keeping your particular organization alive, but to see the big picture. In the case of LGBT advocacy leaders our job is to put ourselves out of business, and if we are doing that effectively, the support, financial and involvement, will follow.

Intead of defending our fiefdoms and feeling so smug in those areas where LGBT people can live comfortably we all need to reach beyond our comfort zones.

Every LGBT person has to take a risk.

LGBT leaders currently in control of "sucessful" organizations have to risk letting go of that control. NGLTF/HRC, EQCA/Courage Campaign... you get the idea.

LGBT people in the trenches need to risk coming out and asking those they know and love to take the risk and speak out with them.

It's a start. We need a start.

No one will give us our rights if we don't demand them.

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