Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jesus Had 2 Dads / Civil Disobedience grows

"Jesus had two Dads" is one of the signs you'll see at the Towleroad slideshow from the Day of Decision. "I can't believe we're still fighting the shit" was another favorite of mine, one that ended with," _ Women _ Chickens _ Gays." Women and chickens were checked off. Kyle had to remind me that although gay marriage was banned, in the same election a proposition ensuring that chicken farmers had to have a certyain number of square feet per chicken.

Small personal blogs of LGBT people are increasingly reflecting the willingness to take on the full tactics of civil disobedience. Patience is wearing thin. My friend Chap says
Now is the time to stand up, and to make a difference. How long can we continue to go sidelined? We are liked if we are campy and funny, or turning straight people into metrosexuals. We are demonized if we ask for equal rights. Now is the time of Rosa Parks, where we sit down and refuse to move, despite the fear we possess, or the consequences of our civil disobedience. We must act now.

Now is the time.

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