Tuesday, May 19, 2009

$70,000,000,000 with a "B"

Marriage in the US is a 70 billion dollar industry.

Michael Steele, GOP Chairperson didn't fact check very well when he said we should be worried about the negative impact of Marriage Equality. These figures are from Keith Olbermann's commentary on May 18, 2008.

In California alone, if Prop 8 were defeated)
From the Williams Institute
UCLA School of Law
22,000 Jobs Created
$64 Million Tax Revenues
$9 Million License fees

Forbes Magazine 2004
Analysis of Same Sex Wedding Revenues in BILLIONS
(If implemented nationwide)
4.7 Reception, Catering and Wedding Planning
3.94 Gifts
1.7 Honeymoons
1.66 Engagemant Rings
1.3 Apparel
1 Photos
.816 Flowers/Decor
.659 Music/Entertainment
.604 Wedding Bands
.217 Invitations/Stationery
.197 Cake

16.8 TOTAL

"That's $16,800,000,000. Sixteen-billion, eight-hundred million dollars. My god, Steele, that at Stimulus package," said Olbermann, "no wonder you're opposed."

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