Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BEFORE the CA Decision

What will happen tomorrow? Whether the CA Supreme Court overturns Prop 8 or lets it stand, equality will move forward. It will either be a reconfirming of the courts original decision (which was a powerfully worded manifesto for marriage equality) OR it will reignite the post Prop 8 outrage. So I am not afraid of this decision.

Of course, i would like to see it overturned, but if it is not, as I said, it will propel the movement forward.

At the very least, even for those without a dog in the fight (or not one that they know of) it should a time to reconsider the proposition option in California.

Here's a proposition that would pass handily: There shall no further tax increases in California income or sales tax.

I would be willing to wager that a majority of the electorate would support this. And then the already falter California economy would nose dive into chaos and anarchy would surely follow.

Or how about: Spanish shall be the official Language of Califronia. It might not pass now, but in 10 years? What kind of chaos might that engender? But if the majority of the people want it...

Courts would probably overturn these as being dangerous to the citizens of California.

Those darned activist courts.

Representative democracy has never seemed such a fine idea.

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