Tuesday, May 19, 2009

END "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Watch the video and sign the petition here.

Let President Obama know that you want him to keep his promise. Despite his press secretary's waffling, the president can end this policy NOW with an executive order.

As our right to marry slowly becomes available, our right to serve openly in the military remains un-won. Lt. Dan Choi is an openly gay man who is also a Arabic linguage specialist. As Jon Stewart said, "We might be able to waterboard them to make them talk, but we can't make them speak English." He's not supporting waterboarding, and neither am I... just pointing out the irony that when there is a paucity of Arab Language speakers, who could help us communicate and perhaps even wage PEACE, we are dismissing them because they are gay.

At the "Creating Change" conference supporters of repeal pointed out that the right to defend our country in whatever way we choose is a basic one.

Sign the petition now.

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