Thursday, August 6, 2009

Were we at the Same Meeting?

NBC's local news coverage of a the Town Hall meeting on Health Care Reform begs the age old media question, "Were they at the same meeting I was?" Eric Massa said he would not support the bill as written. What they did not say is that he wants a public option... a statement he made with no ambiguity in the face of a crowd that was about 70-30 in opposition to any reform.

There was footage of a man who cried about the abortions that would be funded under this bill.. and then there was Massa's statement that there was nothing about abortion in the bill. Only problem was that was one of his opening statements, an hour before this overought guy started challenging every reasuring response form Congressman Massa.

ABC's local coverage was even less specific. Surprising given that they are a "Clear Channel" franchise.

All in all there was certainly passion and a few rude interuptions from both sides... but it was, after watching the national news and bloggers, much more civil than not.

Massa was a class act.

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