Sunday, August 9, 2009

Divsion of the Iris

For Myrte and Scott and Lisa... presents from my garden.

Just before leaving for Pompanuck I remembered that I promised Myrte some irises that she had admired. Earlier this year she was a up when the yard was in full bloom and she joined us for our June pilgrimage to Borglum's Iris Farm. I dug in and divided three cultivars that she had admired. It's my first time to do this and it was way overdue! One single rhizome planted 4 years ago yielded 20 rhizomes. So when I return the job will continue. Click here to see the almost 50 varieties I have. Some are named, others I don't know their names and some Dana Borglum said.. you name it! He has a large area from seedlings he has crossed or allowed nature to generate.

The first is one surely is named. I have had it in my yard for 6 years. This was before I started labeling. It is a beautiful rich burgundy red with velvety falls and matte standards. Until I find an exact match, it is "Neil's Red."

"Honky Tonk Blues" is one that took a lot of searching to match. It is about 6 years old as well and has been divided with less care than I took this time. Ruffles of primary to pastel blue and heavily laden stems make it an easy to grow winner.

The beautiful shades of earthy beige standards with a dusty rose throat and falls that are mindful of the purple mountains majesty make "Mother Nature" a bouquet in one bloom.

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