Thursday, August 6, 2009

Civil Discourse... right.

Kyle and I are going to a Town Hall Meeting on health care reform held by our Representative, The Honorable Eric Massa tonight. We have watch the tactics used at many of these events by the opponents to heath care reform. Hopefully there will be real civil discourse, but the moon is full.

In our our own fora we don't do such a good job however. As readers will know Queerty actually reported on the presence of three openly gay candidates in upcoming elections for Bishop. Two are up for Suffragan Bishops in Los Angeles and one for the eighth Bishop of Minnesota.

Now Queerty is a rather secular... OK, rather bawdy (but not lewd or pornographic) website... so their snide presentation of the news should not have surprised me. But what is very telling is the comment section to which I contributed. one commentary refers to the lowest common denominator as the target audience. Unfortunately that is a sad, but true commentary on the dicussion.

Regardless of religion's role in the horrific treatment of LGBT people there is no ground to be ceded to any attempts to right those wrongs. Perhaps what religion's real sin has been is to birth to absolutists both within and without. There is no gradiation on any issue of these people,

You can read the lack of civil discourse here.

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