Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Death of Senator Kennedy and Civil Discourse

Today, without fear of using hyperbole, is the end of an an era. Senator John McCain is one of the contemporaries of Senator Ted Kennedy that get this. In spite of his many philosophical differences with the Kennedy, he recently stated that there were few if any members of the Senate who could replace him and that if he were able to be present and active in the Senate now that health care reform would be in a "very different place."

As we watch Senator Kennedy eulogized today we here from those who talk about his fierce passion and his gentle compassion. While publicly battling issues "The Lion of The Senate" spent time offering personal support for those on both sides of the aisle.

The concept of agreeing to disagree is lost on too many. Respectful, civil discourse is in grave danger. I have bemoaned the demise of civil discourse many times and here is a town hall meeting with the aforementioned candidate for President of The United States of America as he attempts to show respect for the man who is President of The United States of America.

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