Monday, August 3, 2009

And the Debate Goes On...

Meanwhile back at Queerty the angry anti-religionists continue to blame and judge. I guess that my point, "Beware of those with answers," was lost.

My last comment:

There are clearly people on here who are convinced that they are "in the know." They have they answers. The know what God thinks or they know that religion is evil. To me this is the definition of "wing nuts." They exist at both extremes.

Religion, God, Jesus, Mohammed, the Hebrew Prophets have been used to justify hateful, bigoted behavior throughout history.

These same entities and people have been used to inspire great works of art and great acts of love and charity.

You don't need religion to accomplish either of the above but for some people it supplies the catalyst. In my understanding of God through Jesus Christ that love and charity is the intended outcome, the hatefulness and bigotry is a human abuse that "makes the baby Jesus cry."

I will say that people who rail against any institution and blame it for their oppressed stated miss the meaning of being created in God's iamge. You are empowered to be a power for good in this world or to be a victim and blame. Chose to use your power for good… if it is an outcome of faith or atheism matters not.

You can say I don't need a building to worship God. I would say that is like saying I don't need the United Way or the Red Cross to help my neighbor. I guess it depends on who you see as your naighbor.

Get involved in making the world a better place. That's what really matters. I would say very few people can do that alone. And telling other people that the place they have found to accomplish that is somehow meaningless accomplishes nothing but to demean their attempts.

Think, before you speak… or shout… or blame.

We are all in this together.

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