Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Train Part 5 A Special Visit

Finally! A Shower.

But also a chance to spend time with a very special guy. Kyle has know Mike for a long time and I met him once before Kyle left Atlanta. I have grown to know him by chatting on the phone.

Mike welcomed me for July 4 evening, and got me to the train station at 6:30 AM on the 5th. It was a joy to spend time with this great guy.

I met JAKE...

..slept in the Redskins room.

Thanks Mike!

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  1. Neil, Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed spending time with you. Wish you could have stayed longer. Maybe next time. Hopefully sometime soon, I will visit you and Kyle in NY. I hope you enjoy your trip. Best wishes, Your Friend, Mike. PS. The picture of me is just dreadful, unfortunately, it looks just like me!!. PSS. Please email me the picture of Jake. It is a great shot.