Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GC 2009 July 7 Integrity and Fort Worth!

I need to get on with this! Trying to catch up with my travel pictures now that I have access, but I need to start talking about General Convention 2009.

Last night Integirty held a well attended reception and Susan did a bang-up job of presenting that message. We are optimistic but not complacent.

I am very proud to be a Deputy from Rochester! Here is a report from the Diocese of Fort Worth website:

As we checked in at the Red Lion Hotel, each deputy was handed a personalized gift bag that said, "Welcome [deputy's name], Diocese of Fort Worth, From Your Friends and then a sticker that read "The Diocese of Rochester" with a picture of a dove and the words, "Beloved of God."

Convention CenterThe bag contained a card that said, "Your friends in Rochester NY pray for your journey through "New Beginnings." We pray this assembly to be a place where new friendships are born and old friendships strengthened. May it be a source of grace and blessing to our neighbors and community. May all of us here today, and all those in days to come, be united in a spirit of peace, good will and love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."

The bag also contained a CD of the Schola Cantorum of Christ Church in Rochester, a hot salsa mix from the Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works of Rochester [a program of Catholic Charities Restart Substance Abuse Services, which provides a work experience program for women who have never worked], a packet of Harney & Sons Orange Pekoe tea and a lovely bookmark, a braided Anglican rosary, a sticker of the seal of the Episcopal Church, a ballpoint pen, some Tic Tacs and hard candy.

Convention CenterVolunteers from the Diocese of Rochester also registered us as deputies. The volunteer greeted each one of us with a warm handclasp and the words, "Welcome, welcome, welcome. We are so glad you are here."

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