Friday, July 10, 2009

GC 2009 July 10 Great Vibes

I am so, so certain that if this General Convention were to pass resolutions without the looming presence of the Anglican Communion issue that we would move on if not directly to where the great majority needs to be.

Rowan Williams opened his reflections at communion with a statement that he knows that everyone will be digging for messages in everything he says and so he said "I will be direct." He expressed how important the Episcopal Church is to the Communion. He also expressed his hope that we would "take no actions that would further move us apart."

Seems to me that we are who we are because of our polity... and people that are grateful for our presence need to not only honor, but celebrate that. His two statements fall into the category of having his cake and eating it.

The homily (which I am sure you can find at or at the Episcopal Church website) offered much that encouraged us to be the witness that we are called to be.

Let me apologize for not posting more often. There is very little down time for a Deputy.

I shall try to catch a break here and there and offer personal responses... I know that others are dedicated to communicating. Trust, but verify.

Off to day 3.

God's peace,


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