Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Train Part 2 CHI-Denver

The train rarely takes you to the "pretty" side of town, but it is a great way to see ballparks! Here is US Cellular Park, home of the White Sox.

The Cardinal pulled into Chicago's Union Station

We were late getting in so I had no time to see anything but the station... But we left on time. Here's a snap of rural Illinois:

As we approach the Mississippi we pass over the broad area of wetlands that seem to be typical of its eastern bank.
On the west side in Iowa, there a ball game in this field on the banks of the Mississippi:

Grandma waits to board in Mount Pleasant, Iowa:

The stretch across the heartland was mostly during the night. I was grateful to sleep through Nebraska... and NOT be driving.

Then another MLB park, the Home of the Rockies.

I also passed the beautiful sports complex in Cincinatti, but it was dark.

In Denver we stopped for a stretch and a window wash...

... making the view from the domed lounge car better:

Hanging out of the car is my newest friend, Tom.

Tom was from Chicago and recently married his partner. He works the snack bar, 3 days from Chicago to San Francisco, turns around and 3 days back, working from 6 AM to 11 PM.

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