Sunday, July 12, 2009

GC 2009 July 11 Day 5 D025

B033 is history, at least in the House of Deputies. After a few feeble attempts to divide and amend D025 passed handily in a vote by orders. While it does not specifically say "B033, you're dead," it replaces it with language that clearly expresses where the Episcopal Church is now. It moves us beyond... it says that Lesbian and Gay people are fit to ordination in all orders of ministry.

The Result:

Lay Order needed to pass 50 yes 77 no 31

Clergy Order needed to pass 49, Yes 74 No 35

Some of the the No votes were "divided." Under our rules a divided vote counts in the negative. It is therefor possible that the house actually supported the resolution by anywhere between 60% and 80% or higher, Those details will be available later

Now it must pass the House of Bishops. There are no guarantees, but should it fail it will demonstrate a lack of respect the sense of the senior house.

It was a surprisingly calm feeling in the house. When it passes the HoB it will be time to celebrate.

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