Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GC 2009 July 13 day 6 Oh Happy Day!

For the first time I sit in the House of Deputies and not with my fellow Integritarians. God bless them for their tireless work: the background work, the videos and the amazing Eucharist that set the tone the pervades this convention. We still want to be Anglicans, but we know what price we cannot pay.

Having been so incredibly busy I could not have the luxury of savoring the reality of where we are now. After the HoB passed D025 with amendment, I called my husband. "Why aren't you more excited?" he asked. At the time I was not sure. Perhaps it was the injunction against celebration that was laid on us at Gene's consent. Now as I watch MSNBC and write this, the tears are finally welling up.

We have done it. We have started on the road that will certainly still be rocky. We have taken that first step toward true full inclusion.

Thanks to Kyle for his support of me in my ministry. Thanks to my wonderful deputation who really, really get it. Thanks my Bishop, Prince Singh, who joyously celebrated an amazing Eucharist at mid-day. The bread that was broken truly was "food for the journey," with homage to Jack McKelevey and Robert Spears. That food fueled what was, by all accounts, show-stopping testimony on the floor of the House of Bishops.

He talked about being a product of the "global south." He spoke of the irrelevancy of the Anglican communion in our decision to move on, for indeed the Anglican communion has been complicit in oppression which he knows too well as a native of Southern India. Talk about "street cred."

And of course thanks to the Holy Spirit, moving among us!

I am so GLAD that there was an amendment. It was a positive, clarifying amendment. I will now be in the House that enacts this ground breaking legislation. All this talk of "moving beyond" B033 makes perfect sense.

Share my joy. Thanks be to God.


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