Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Train Part 3 Denver to SLC (The Detour)

The Rockies were closed. Probably the most spectacular views on the California Zephyr are in the Rockies. But because of track repair, the route is closed during alternating weeks this summer, so we were routed north through Wyoming and then south to Salt Lake City.

This is in Greeley, CO:

And as we went west in Wyoming the high prairie morphed into buttes.

I was hoping for dinner with a Rocky Mountain view on this stretch. But I was invited to join Jim and members of his family who were coming from around the country for a reunion at Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone.

This is Jim and his sister, the Sister:

And his niece:

They were all teachers of some sort and Jim's sister the nun and I chatted about General Convention to which I was headed. She is a treasure. I asked for her prayers.

Now my disappointment in not eating in the Rockies was replaced by joy in meeting these wonderful people and the scenery did not disappoint as we descended into Utah. A real highlight of the trip!

Approaching Salt Lake City the Wasatch Range loomed...

A quick glimpse of the Utah Capitol (and the Mormon Temple, which alluded the camera)

We pulled into SLC about 2 hours early and did not depart until 11:30.

When I passed the Great Salt Lake it was dark. Apparently the station has been moved to be closer to the center of town, but it is still no more than a sad little trailer. The route no longer crosses the lake on the causeway to the north, but skirts the lake on its southern shore.

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