Thursday, July 23, 2009

After Anaheim 4 AAC: 'nuff said.

"Bishop" David Anderson comments from the American Anglican Council reflect a total disconnect from the "Good News" as I know it....

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC) is just now concluding its triennial meeting in Anaheim, California. TEC was once a great church, a denomination that, as people moved up the social ladder, they wished to join. Many of the presidents of the United States were members, and many Congressmen, Senators, judges and leaders in the business world were members as well. At least a generation ago, perhaps two, things began to quietly change - but few noticed. A new Prayer Book was adopted with changes in liturgy, women were ordained as deacons, then priests, then finally bishops, and the exclusivity of the Christian Gospel began to be challenged by a few priests and bishops. The changes, however one felt about them then, or feels about them now, caused a division to develop in TEC. Not a neat, clean division, because people responded positively to some changes and negatively to others, but a division none the less.

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