Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Irises from Borglum's

New Irises from Borglum's

And here are the new kids we brought home. "Bold Look" and "Tiger Honey" lost there blooms and a small pink one that was tucked in with another clump has not opened yet.

This was identified as a seedling by Silvia. While there are many, many named irises at the farm, there are also many that were raised from seeds and never registered. Dana and Silvia always say "You name it!"

"Celebration Song" is a lovely pastel two-tone with pale pink standards and lavender falls.

"Supreme Sultan"

"Seneca Creamsicle"

This may be the answer to the mystery question... I need to compare carefully. "Seneca Pink Delight" is a registered cultivar by Dana Borglum. "Beverly Sills" has a pink beard... so the picture I posted may be neither "Vanity" or "Sills." There is another iris about to bloom which may be the opera diva's namesake.

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