Monday, May 24, 2010

Iris Bloom Report 05/24/10 part 2

Iris Bloom Report 05/24/10 part 2

Here's a bit of the long view of the gardens. The first bed I planted is T-shaped running east and west with a strip running downhill to the south. For reference I refer to this as Bed A-1. Down the hill to the south is a bed which was a rock-pile. Now it has a small Pond which I refer to as Bed P. Curving to the east an north at the crest of the rise that is behind my house is bed A-2 and A-3.

The most impressive display of iris for me is a large group of a single cultivar. At the East and West of Bed A-1 below are large groups of "Honky-Tonk Blues" ready to bloom. In the center of Bed A-2 is a nice burst of "Mariposa Skies."

Last year I divided a red which is not identified, "Mother Earth," "Night Owl" and "Before the Storm." Mother Earth and the red are not looking promising, but "Night Owl" is budding nicely.

Bed A-1 East "Harvest of Memories" and huge clump of "Honky-Tonk Blues" budding

...and at the west end of Bed A-1 another clump of "Honky Tonk Blues"

In Bed A-2 "Mariposa Skies" and "Monet's Blue"

...and more "Mariposa Skies" and "Immortality."

"Everything Plus" is doing much better than the first bloom indicated!

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