Monday, May 24, 2010

Iris Bloom Report 05/24/10 part 1

Iris Bloom Report 05/24/10 part 1

More about the frost damage... there are some buds that are simply not going to bloom. They have turned brown.. and some foliage is not in good shape either. I believe it to be a combination of fragile hybrids, position in the garden and perhaps how much water some had before the frost or how much they got afterward. The differences are dramatic. Since I have in excess of 50 cultivars, I have a broad range of results this year.

Today they are popping. I think the open garden will be moved to this weekend. I fear there will be nothing left by the first week in June, which is what I had planned. The most prolific and reliable iris in the garden is "Honky Tonk Blues." It is has been in the garden since it was planted 8 years. This is one that was un-named I searched and found it. Distinctive for its full, ruffled standards that are low, and broad falls that fade to lighter blue at the heavily ruffled edges. If anyone wants to share I expect that this will get split in the fall... and I have dozens.

"Honky-Tonk Blues" (Schreiner 1988)

"Honey Scoop" blooms its last for the season.

"Rachel Rose" is a real favorite. As with most the camera cannot capture the subtle shades. The falls are a dusty rose and the standards are a lighter shade of that. Though the color is warm it is not as orange as it appears here. And it was hybridized by Dana Borglum, whose farm we will visit later this week...

Yesterday I listed this as an unidentified red... It is indeed "Sultan's Palace," but the stunted look of the early blooms made it look completely different. This is more like it, but still not the luxurious, full bloom that it was last year.

"Hemstitched" is a cultivar I purchased and I think I have one that was un-named from Borglum. There is a variation in the amount of purple/blue edging on the falls of different flowers on the same stem. The smaller iris beneath was apparently in the clump from Borglum's. One of the joys of shopping there... plus the $8 price for a clump you can easily split into 3 or 4 substantial plants.

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