Saturday, May 29, 2010

Borglum's Iris Farm - Annual Iris Visit

Borglum's Iris Farm - Annual Iris Visit

Friday was our first visit to Borglum's this year. We hit it spot on this time. The tall bearded iris were in full bloom. 4 acres of them.

Borglum's is on ridge in between Canandaigua Lake and Seneca Lake. This year we returned with 6 clumps and some beautiful named cultivars. Two were hybridized by Dana Borglum.

Here's the setting. Surrounded by working farms, we passed their neighbor's horse and buggy on our way in.

Name irises stretch row after row. If you want one of them Dana or Sylvia can usually point you to one in the "you dig" areas.

The area around their house is beautifully landscaped. Here a clump of "Mariposa Skies" blooms in front of the shed.

Behind Kyle is a "you dig" area. Named irises and un-named seedlings are mixed together here. You get a cart, recycled grocery bags and a shovel. For $7.50 you can dig a clump. A clump might contain one or more cultivar and could easily be split into two to four healthy rhizomes.

This display area by the barn contains irises, lupines, peonies and daylilies.

In this cultivation area you will see three of the named irises. "Seneca Creamsicle" is in the forground. Behind that is "Supreme Sultan." "Seneca Pink Delight stretches down the center of the area.

"Bold Look" came home with us...

... as did "Supreme Sultan"

Take a shovel and dig a clump!

Potted peonies in more than 50 varieties are also available...

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