Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iris Bloom Report 05/19/10

Iris Bloom Report 05/19/10

Many readers have commented how early the irises are blooming this year. Actually mine are a week behind the tall bearded iris across the street that are in full bloom right now. If you live in Rochester you know that the Lilac Festival is this week. Unfortunately there were in bloom two weeks ago. No climate change indeed...

Today, "Honey Scoop" made its debut. Seeing the pictures I really did not believe that the horn would be this impressive. It's a huge bloom on a very short stalk. I also have two new sunny day pictures of "Immortality" and "Tennessee Gentleman."

"Honey Scoop"


"Tennessee Gentleman"

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  1. Mr. Houghton, how does your garden grow? How beautiful!