Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home from the Holidays

Back from GA! We had a lovely time with many of Kyle's friends and many of those who have become mine.

Pete and Freta, Kyle's parents, hosted us twice. They are both very gracious. We spent some of that time with Kyle's bother Jeff and his wife, Pam. Really love them all!

The Spencer's were our hosts and put up with our in and outs and the dogs. Beth and Dan's party was a wonderful.

Dana and Steve hosted a mini-reunion. Angela and Bengt and Thad and Denise were there. Thad is Kyle's good friend from high school.

We drove by the Gwinnett Brave's Stadium which is under construction... hope to make it to a Red Wings game there in July.

Laura and John could n0t make that gathering, but we spent a night at their starter palace in Fayetteville. John is a developer/builder and the place is spectacular!

We spent an evening with Chip and Rick.

Publix is still the second best supermarket chain and we brought home Duke's and country ham.

Everyone is happy to be home, though. Too damn many Republicans in that state.... :-)

We saw Doubt today in our effort to squeeze in as many Golden Globe nominated films as possible. So far I'd pick Meryl and Sean... but more on that later.

In the stranger than fiction category: http://www.pinkwhitebrown.com/obama.html

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