Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Call it DOMA, 'Cause it ain't

From NGLTF "Creating Change", Denver
Thursday - Part 3


"What's happening on the DOMA front," asks a participant.

"First of all," we are told, "don't call it DOMA, cause it isn't." DOMA is the acronym for the federal Defense of Marriage Act which prohibits the federal government form recognizing anything but a marriage between one man and one woman. If this "defends" marriage it isn't mine.

Call it the "Discrimination in Marriage Act." It must be repealed.

More Learning from the Opposition:

When there are bumps on the road, keep on going. Direct the anger of "defeats" to learning toward the future. The opponents of Marriage Equality lose battles, but don't see it as the war. The "war" is moving in our direction. Two major court decisions, 2 jurisdictions won and 7 close.

Come together under a single goal with a plan. Recently resurrected memos from the Mormon Church reveal "the plan" was in place for Hawaii that was used in California. They planned to fund the fight but hide behind the more social accepted brands of Christianity that would be willing to partner, like the Roman Catholic Church.

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