Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going to Gran Torino again

My friend Don called. I had asked him to go to "Gran Torino" with me last weekend, but since he was in Greensboro... So we looked for something to see today. It boiled down to "Valkyrie" or "Bride Wars." OK... I we are not the Bride Wars kind of guys... So we settled on Tom Cruise. And then I thought about it...

After my reflections on the "Feel-Good Movie of the Decade" I called back. "I'll see Gran Torino again so you can see it." Though I did not think the movie was the best of Eastwood, and I found his performance a tad annoying, it was at least a movie with a heart and a message. If SM (or as I have come to call it, S&M) can garner a best picture nod then I have to see Gran Torino again. It was a better movie.

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