Monday, January 19, 2009

The Episcopal Church and PR

I don't have an objective point of view on this. As someone in the middle of the struggle within the Episcopal Church, I look for PR opportunities. I know that is crass to some of my Episcopalian sisters and brothers, they would prefer Evangelism. OK. But given the fact that we live in world where HBO can buy out Gene's chance to be a visible presence at "public" concert, I think PR more apropos.

So every time a progressive voice is snubbed or fails to take the opportunity to give the Episcopal Church a "plug" I am frustrated.

The church is taking a hit for even trying to include us. The least we can do is advertise (evangelize) a Church which offers beautiful liturgy and the possibility to become the face of Christ in a hurting world.

[This is a response to my husband's blog]

Sarah Pulliam caputured the following for Christianity Today.

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