Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Letter to Our State Assemblyman

A Letter to our State Assemblyman, Sean T. Hanna, who voted against marriage equality. Happily he was in the minority.

Assemblyman Hanna,

We write to thank the Assembly for their history making support of marriage equality. We are saddened that you did not support this legislation.

As constituents and neighbors we would like you to know that we were married in Toronto 3 years ago after 8 years together. To have some legal recognition of our love and commitment to each other was more amazing than we ever thought it would be. Even more we were blessed to have the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester and his wife of 40+ years as our witnesses.

We hope that you can someday find it in your heart to ask forgiveness of the small, yet important part of your constituency that was hurt personally by your vote. You may also come to realize that you are not even representing the majority of your constituency if polls are to be believed.

If you voted against this on the grounds of your personal understanding of morality, that is not why you were elected. You were elected to be a leader, a visionary with a vision for the rights of all. And yet we will pray for you that the loving God that we know may soften your heart to realize that we are all God's children, all God's beloved.

Please save the paper of a form response, but feel free to stop by for coffee and chat with us and find out how our family is no different from yours.


Neil and Kyle

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