Friday, June 24, 2011

Here Starteth the Live Blogging...

Here Starteth the Live Blogging...

The NY State Senate stands at ease, the Assembly has just started their session.

I feel like I have been here before, but not since 2009. The past week has been false starts and promises on Marriage Equality. A trip to Albany proved painful. The venom being spewed in the name religion, Christians and Jews helping me remember why even now I have a viscerally negative reaction to most places of worship and people of faith that have not proved themselves welcoming.

6:55 Skelos has just reported 4 bills, not us. Now a non-controversial calendar... guessing that we are not on that either, though it is the Assembly.

The "protections" in the modified bill are embarrassing. As we all know no one can be forced to marry anyone, gay or straight. That means the much is redundant. The other parts are protecting bigotry and fear. But if that is what we need, so be it. Someday soon it will be as relevant as Jim Crow and as embarrassing.

7:05 PM Not much

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