Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Andy Smith Photographs of My Irises (part 1)

Andy Smith photographs my irises...

Last Sunday, Kyle and I invited a few folks over to see the irises at beak bloom. Among the guests was Andy Smith. His photography has been a part of some great exhibits. I asked if he would mind taking some pictures and he obliged. I was so impressed with what he did that I have to share them.

Rare Treat (TB - 1987, Schreiner)

Mystic Shrine (TB 1942, Weed)

Exotic Star (TB - 1974, Plough)

Batik (BB - 1986, Ensminger)

Orange Harvest (TB - 1988, Brown)

Note: The lighting and film takes the natural colors of these cultivars toward the red end of the spectrum. For instance the "Rare Treat" is a described as a cornflower blue.

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