Friday, February 26, 2010


I am in DC for the semi-annual meeting of the National Education Association meeting of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification. Luckily I made it, meanwhile Kyle is holding down the fort as the blizzard traps him in Mendon.

Our opener was the "Square Wheels" analogy.

"Don't just DO something, Stand There"

Issue "Is leadership pushing or pulling?" Many analogies in this picture... The square wheel will work, but hardly well and hardly efficiently. Who misses the solutions right in front of them? Who just keeps on pulling? And when we find the solution, the round wheels of today will be the square wheels of tomorrow.

"Don't just Stand There, DO something."

And then we went around the table. Boy am I glad I am retired. It was just one horror story after another... Michigan, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada... on and on. Budget and leadership struggles that wanted to make me open a vein. All of this seems to make even taking on the issues of LGBT equality are few and far between. I introduced myself as a free lance activist, invloved in NYSUT, AFT and NEA as well as Marriage Equality New York and especially Integrity in the Episcopal Church where we have made great strides.

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