Sunday, February 28, 2010

Change we thought we could believe in...

Mitch McConnell is on with Candy Crowley this morning talking about health care. "The American People do not want this... The American People do not want us to use [reconcilliation] to force this down their throats... this is arrogant. They have followed this closely..."

Pardon me. The senator does not seem to know that I am an American and it seems to me that he is the arrogant not to say the majority of the American People if he is using poll information. And of course he is cherry picking his poll because the majority of the American People want health care reform... and without those who are opposed because the proposal offer no public option, the senator would be wrong.

Have most Americans followed this closely. On a personal level I think that is just not true. The majority of the American People rely on their particular cable "news" network to spin it. That's why we don't have a democracy, we have a representative democracy (a republic) which relies on their elected leaders to be "fair and balanced" not any particular network.

Didn't we elect a President and give him a majority party for Change we can be In? But there is nothing behind the republicans opposition to removing pre-existing condition restrictions and the few other good things that remain in the gutted versions of the bill other than politics as usual.

Obama has bent over .... backwards. Enough.

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