Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday we reviewed NEA's external partnerships with LGBT organizations. Many organizations were vetted for their effectiveness and more specifically for the parallel nature of their goals with that of NEA. The first MOU was signed with GLSEN. They are clearly focused on the same issues of safe schools for LGBT teachers and students. Kevin Jennings, their former ED is now working with the OBAMA Administration as Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug-Free Schools.

We have also signed an MOU with HRC. I reported on my very positive experience at "Creating Change." This NGLTF conference focus heavily on youth. I would guess that the majority of attendees are under 30.

Betty Simpson talked to us about applying for grants. She assured me that writing a grant proposal to get GSA directors and students support for attendance at Creating Change. I would hope we might consider proposing a worskshop or other presentation at this conference.

When then spent our remaining time reviewing progress on the charges we have been given and the recommendations that we have made regarding each.

#1 Review Status of NEA's work to secure federal, state and local workplace (legal, policy, contractual) rights, benefits and protections for GLBT members and make recommendations.

#2 Review the factors that impact GLBT school truancy and dropout rates in the U.S. and make recommendations.

#3 Review testimonies from SOGI hearings and develop recommendations on addressing the issues raised where appropriate.

We had a very nice dinner at Logan Tavern on P Street. Their ginger calamari was wonderful.

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