Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creating Change: day 1 - Dallas

Today is getting registered and oriented. There's a big ole book of hundreds of workshop to pick from.

The Program Book can be downloaded as a PDF here.


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Tomorrow is an all day session with Rebecca Voelkel of IWR on Faith Community issues. I am guessing that much will be things that I have heard before but I am sure there will be new perspectives and it will help me focus on some new prioritied for both the Diocese of Rochester and Integrity.

In both organizations we are looking for new ways to engage local energy in a reality that is quite different from our roots of Faith Community Activism in the 1970's.

Much has been accomplished since then... and in many areas that is the enemy of vigilance and continued progress. There are many places where there is a safe community for LGBT people. There are churches, especially in metropolitan areas, where the LGBT group accounts for a large sized parish in other areas. These people don't see the need for Integrity, a diocesan coordinator or local committee or Integrity organization.

Meanwhile in rural areas, and some not so rural areas, parishes continue to be unwelcoming and even hostile, to LGBT inclusion. We must ALL continue to work for a church and a world where all are welcome.

Pockets of acceptance are, well, not acceptable. Look at the surprise that has greeted us in the public sector as our parochial acceptance meets the broader world in political rejections of our access to equal civil and human rights.

Some thinking outside the box seems long overdue.

Fred Ellis, former President of Integrity, is my host. We are spending some quality time reminiscing and brainstorming.

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